Grizzly Bear

(Ursus arctos)


Deserted rivers, wild mountains, thick and dense forests, open meadows, and large valleys.


Status: Threatened

The California Grizzly Bear, a subspecies, became extinct in the early 20th Century.


Current Threats

Human-wildlife conflict poses a threat to bear health and safety, along with continued habitat loss and destruction in the Grizzly Bear’s remaining strongholds.


Oakland Zoo's Role

We support Keystone Conservation’s Bear Coexistence program, which educates residents to safely coexist with grizzly and black bears and reduce human-bear conflicts.


How Can You Help?

• Be bear aware when camping or hiking; store food in proper containers and do not try to feed or interact with wild bears.

• Support predator conservation programs, which promote a diverse and healthy habitat for bears and other wildlife.

• Visit national parks where Grizzly Bears are found, including Yellowstone (Wyoming) and Denali (Alaska).

• Learn about and get involved with conservation organizations to help prevent further species extinctions caused by humans. Find a list of Oakland Zoo’s partners worldwide here.


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