Experience grizzly bears, bison, and grey wolves that once roamed the California landscape.

Learn how humans can successfully co-exist with mountain lions, Tule elk, black bears, bald eagles, and other native species

Understand the remarkable story of the California Condor and what Oakland Zoo and its conservation partners are doing to help.

Feel good about the role you can play in keeping wild California alive and thriving.

{ California Trail Construction Information }


Current activity encompasses the entire project – including landscaping for "California Station" in the Main Zoo, continuing work on the hilltop Visitor Center, and construction of the education building, animal habitats and night houses, overlook, children’s play area, and infrastructure for the entire project. The gondola system will be completed in spring 2017.


Installation of the perimeter fence finished in October 2015. This permanent fence includes all of California Trail, including the conservation easement, as agreed upon with wildlife agencies and the City of Oakland. Additional temporary fencing has been erected to provide outlets for local wildlife so they do not get trapped in the construction area, and protection for trees and native grasses during construction activity.



Summer 2018

Construction Location—Map of Knowland Park

A peek inside the black bear house with one of the cozy, private den spaces built in for each of our bears.

Guests in the upper parking lot can see the circular overlook platform that will offer views of the Bay region.

A wide plaza connects the hill-top visitor center and California interpretive center..

Questions & Complaints

Please contact Nik Dehejia

Phone: (510) 746-7138

Email: californiatrail@oaklandzoo.org


Additional contacts:

Contractor Project Manager (510-719-0072)  Project Superintendent (510-719-0419)

Zoo Security Robert Westfall (510-746-7194)

Oakland Code Enforcement (510-238-3381)

Oakland Police Department (Non-Emergency)  (510-777-3333)

Bay Area Quality Management District (Enforcement)  (800-334-6367)